Kickstart your PROP firm

with our all-encompassing

white label solutions.

Unlock the potential of your PROP firm with our seamless turnkey solutions. Dive into trading confidently, backed by expertly crafted technology tailored to your needs.

Leverate empowers Prop Firms with its

exceptional range of solutions

We built a unique setup that enhances brokers’ ability to manage their proprietary trading firms and maximize profits in this highly competitive industry. It’s designed to work smoothly, accurately, and can grow with your needs.

Branding Control

Rapid Market Entry

Cutting-Edge Technology

Quick Market Penetration

Cost-Efficient Setup

High Reliability

Meet all your proprietary trading demands with our

Comprehensive Turnkey Solution


The client dashboard is designed to enhance your clients’ trading experience and provide important information, Custom-built for today’s brokerages.


Our trading platform has a super-friendly interface with one-click execution, an intuitive dashboard, and easy access to advanced indicators and chart analysis.
All the features are available on Mobile, Web, and Desktop with a seamless trading experience.


The backbone of a Prop firm is a powerful CRM. Our CRM is specifically designed for the needs of your Prop firm. The multiple dashboards with full customization allow you to get all the info you need on one page.


The Admin dashboard is designed to present a unified view, intuitive controls, and swift decision-making tools on real-time data.


We know how important and sensitive data is. Hence, we emphasize security, ensuring the most secure environment for your clients’ database., ensuring you can focus on developing other aspects of your prop firm.


With our extensive 15 years of experience in the FX industry, we possess a unique advantage in managing risk with precision and finesse.


Leverate’s software aggregates liquidity from top financial institutions to provide competitive rates and the lowest spreads.
Our Tech Team will make a secure and quick integration to any brokerage you need.


We offer round-the-clock, multilingual tech support services to ensure you receive comprehensive assistance whenever needed.

Unlock your full potential with our

custom-designed evaluation programs

Every Prop firm is unique. That's why we believe in creating personalized evaluation programs that are tailored to your specific needs and goals.

Craft a Winning Package Selection: Determine The Minimum and Maximum Account Size

Single-Step Evaluation

2-Steps Evaluation

3-Steps Evaluation

Instant/ Direct accounts- Only For the bold ones.

Refine Your Package Selection

Detailed package settings

Drawdown Type - (Equity based / Balanced based - EOD)

Time Limits

Minimum Trading Days

Profit Target

Profit share

Max Daily Drawdown

Max Absolute Drawdown

drawdown Type

Monthly Salary

Multiple Payment Solutions

Over the years, we have gained immense experience and created valuable connections with numerous Payment Service Providers from across the globe. Use these to expand your reach to new markets and tap into a growing global customer base.

Unveiling Our Premier Prop Trading Dashboard

We offer our brokers an unparalleled trading experience through our trader and admin dashboards and mobile apps specifically customized to meet the needs of your prop firm. Our dashboard presents a unified view, intuitive controls, and swift decision-making tools on real-time data.

We ensure that our state-of-the-art dashboards amplify the value you deliver to your clients.



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